Street Smart Traffic

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

In-car navigation and other relevant research

This is an excellent survey of Existing Systems that use In-car navigation.
In-Car Navigation Usage: An End-User Survey on Existing Systems

A group at the University of Nottingham is conducting research to understand the:

• Implications of new technologies in a driving context (e.g. for safety, efficiency, comfort/pleasure)
• Design issues for novel user-interfaces (e.g. augmented reality, speech, gesture-driven input devices)
• Methods for use in design and evaluation (e.g. the use/validity of driving simulators, setting performance standards)

Link to the lab's homepage

Their publications can be found here.

Survey Says

People realy value traffic information in driving aids, but the information is of little value. Check ou the survey results:

I will cut out the most relevant charts and post them directly here later.